The RAR seeks to bring together companies and street artists who practice their artistic disciplines professionally on sites in the heart of the public space and/or outside of conventional cultural venues. It promotes the work of its members from different artistic disciplines and works to support them by making available a variety of initiatives that support their development. It is with audacity, excellence and authenticity that the culture of performance dedicated to the public space finds within the RAR a strong support. 


Our mission is simple, 

- To create a network of solidarity, exchanges and collective projects for artists and companies in the street arts; to encourage common projects and the sharing of knowledge.

 - To promote and represent the street arts in Quebec on a national and international level; to ensure the recognition and deployment of the practice; to work on a development plan for audiences and markets.

- Defend the interests of the members with the various governmental partners, associations, presenters, programmers, festivals, cultural events, artistic training schools, media, municipalities.

- To support the quality of the creative offer in Street Arts in Quebec by concrete actions, such as trainings and internships, communications, repertory of the members and their works and creation of tools necessary to the development of the companies in Quebec;

- To be the guardian of the memory of Street Arts in order to gather and archive the documentation inherent to the practice.