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When: From October 25 to 29, 2022

Where: Montreal

Cost: 150$ per company for 2 person

Any speech in public space presupposes an ability to capture and hold attention in an environment that does not naturally lend itself to listening. It is therefore a question, starting from a mastery of the fundamental techniques of public speaking (presence, gaze, voice, diction, proxemics), of building a relationship and a statement that lead passers-by to stop to receive a correct speech in the place and at the time of its utterance. The city expresses itself louder and before the artist: the signs and representations precede his intervention there and many unforeseen events can occur and disturb his words. The artist must therefore rely on the signifiers in place and learn to welcome any unexpected episode (noise, traffic, interaction, weather, etc.). Disregarding these circumstances may lead to deletion of the statement, misinterpretation or false address. Conversely, their significant apprehension reinforces the artistic purpose and supports its relevance.

More Details to come