Toxique Trottoir


Founded in 2004, by three theatre women: Muriel de Zangroniz, Dominique Marier and Marie-Hélène Côté, Toxique Trottoir (Toxic Sidewalk) invested the public space to create shows and festive interventions. The organism involves artists, citizens and public venues in an unusual encounter and dialogue process. The organization maintains an original relationship with the audience through interactivity and interpellation with the spec-actors. An encounter that takes place between theatre and clown, poetry and lunacy, that aims at transforming relations with the day-to-day life, the city and the performance.

Toxique Trottoir feels a strong vocation for social integration. The organism has received in 2014 the Prix mosaïque Art et Culture de Rosemont (The Rosemont Art and Culture Mosaic Award) to underline the excellence of its work and contribution to cultural and social development of the neighbourhood where it has rooted numerous projects since 2008.

With more than 1400 performances to its credit, Toxique Trottoir presents creations among the most prestigious events in Canada and the United-States. The 375th Anniversary of Montreal, the 400th Anniversary of Quebec City, the Vancouver Olympiads, the 475th Anniversary of Gaspe, the Burlington Waterfront Festival, Scene Quebec at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Quebec City Fine Arts and Civilization Museums, the Quebec City International Summer Festival, the Montreal Cirque Festival, Just For Laugh Festival and Cirque du Soleil have especially presented the organism among their programs.

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