Régine Breyton

Inspired by movement and the clown, I gave life to colorful characters who live in limbo, fragile, somewhat absurd, breaking with reality, in search of love, close to Chaplin, Beckett or Fellini. My characters evolve like in a painting by Jérôme Bosh, crazy. They have appeared at several festivals including Edgy Women at Studio 303, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the World Festival of Public Entertainers at Cap La Madeleine, or at the Circo Regina event at the Lambi club for the benefit of the Latin American community. Caserne 18 -30 was the place where I worked out my numbers, but also where I performed at annual festivals, notably with a clownish fabric solo.
I took many clown workshops with various clown teachers in Quebec, including Yves Dagenais, Francine Coté, René Bazinet, Dolores Léonard, Michel Dallaire, Soizik Hébert, Jed Tomlinson with the organization En Piste. I worked with Benoit Lachambre during the production of the show Effets spirals. I cut my teeth alongside public entertainers for 15 years after studying contemporary dance.
Sensitive to the fragility of human conditions having more than 20 years of artistic activities to my credit, it is through the circus universe that I like to surprise the daily lives of the public with poetry, humor and originality.
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