Les Chasseurs de Rêves

Les Chasseurs de rêves (Désordres poétiques) (The Dream Hunters) (Poetic Disorders) is a show company working on the border between circus and street theatre.

The company proposes spectacular animations, parades and stage acts, on stilts and with puppetry, integrating performers, musicians, dancers, acrobats or singers. It reaches a large audience, young and adults. A special stress is put on a strong visual, expressive, colourful, a living poetry. Complex mechanisms animate nature inspired animals that are moving about in a world of cultural mix inviting to travel out of all frontiers. A world created on the edge of reality and the realm of fancy, a nomad tribe with interbreeding colours.

The company performed on all continents, charmed thousands of spectators touched by the sincerity and authenticity of a demanding performance. The characters were the stars, from 1996 to 2001, at Disney, Epcot and Animal Kingdom, in China, Belgium, Spain, in numerous special events organized by Cirque du Soleil, in South Africa, Rome, Mexico, Great Britain, and Québec where they landed in 2004.

They have been part of Cirque du Soleil’s Les Chemins invisibles (The Invisible Path) in Québec City, Cultural de Mayo Festival in Mexico, Just For Laugh Festival, Quebec City International Summer Festival, at the Pan American Games in Toronto. Not to mention all festive occasions and corporate events in Québec and Canada.