Laurette & Arlette

Laurette and Arlette, a duo of freed, whimsical and adventurous women, combine their original music and creativity at the service of circuses, cabarets and festivals, in animation and performance since 2014.

Their repertoire is composed of original creations of Soizick Hébert and old ukulele pieces of the 40’s. The duo has fun deconstructing musical structures, punctuating with clown punches, synchronized choreography and other illusions. Soizick’s music inspires a unique universe, out of time, sometimes jazz, sometimes song, sometimes Latin, and the pieces are performed on keyboard, ukulele, various flutes, voices, melodica, kazoos and percussive objects.


The two artists like to create comic and physical links for various events, including their now legendary number of 2 stepladders. The performers also practice juggling. With several years of experience, Soizick and Marie-Hélène proudly uncover their age, and provides the presence of authentic and surprising mature characters.

Street theater show : Periple


Carrying tier singular boggy, the timeless gypsies Laurette & Arlette share their passion for

travelling on the rhapsody of imaginary sightseeing. The duo offers a unique and intimate performance with an original repertoire. Laurette, this unleashed orchestra chief and Arlette, the starlet, that eternal apprentice, compete creatively to confuse the other and destabilize the viewer all in complicity. The theme of “voyage” and unconditional friendship are precious for them. The eccentric musicians captivate audiences of every age. With humour and without limit, Laurette & Arlette cultivate allegory.

The unusual boggy used for their Journey contains the musical instruments and props they need to perform the repertoire.

The novelty music is live and interpreted basically on ukuleles, keyboard and voices. Their wacky routines create poetic juggling. The no talking allows the characters to reach all audiences and transport them with lyrics or mouth noises into a parallel universe. Their whole concept is sound/electric autonomic and original. It permits a fast set up, an easy moving around and a surprising effective performance because of its autonomy. The length of the performance is adapted for your needs.

Contact:  Jasmine Desmarais -  - 514-233-0262