La ruée

It’s the winter of 2017 when Nicolas Dionne-Simard, Laury Huard and Philippe Prévost, who just graduated from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montreal, founded their passion project: La ruée. Ever since graduating school they were passionate about creating fully accessible street theatre performances. Following this passion,their first performance L'Orchestre du grand Kung-Fu Braquetoured different regions of Quebec including Mauricie, Gaspésie, and New Brunswick with the closing show taking place at the Lachine Street Theater Festival in Montreal.


Utilizing poetic works is at the core of their work and at the forefront of their second performance Le Commando Poétique. Inspired by the mannerisms of soldiers, the performers become the defenders and the mouthpiece of poetry and literature. While dressed in military clothing, they differentiate themselves from the armed forces by wearing a sigil and by using their own choice of weapon: books.  


In their latest work, the artists of La ruée focus on the details and aspects of living art in public spaces. Their self-imposed mandate is to create a link, a coherence between proposed fiction and the performance venue, which is the public space. They seek to speak directly to the public, humans to humans. They want to overturn reality by creating their own history.


To work with reality means to give ourselves the mission to find poetry in unexpected, everyday places and use it to create something wonderful from these random encounters.