KUMPA'NIA is an exuberant troupe of marching percussionists whose irresistible beats invigorate the hearts, souls and bodies of all who meet them. With their original compositions inspired by Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythms, the troupe is a living drum gone wild. The group's dynamic choreographies and eco-friendly scarlet costumes add to the carnival feeling of their infectious rhythms.

With over 1000 shows under their belt, KUMPA'NIA has performed both large-scale festivals and events (Montreal International Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs, St Jean Baptiste celebrations in Quebec City, Montreal Pride Parade, La Ronde, International Workers' Day) and more local events (family celebrations, trade fairs, back-to-school events).

Founded in 2002 by Moïa Jobin-Paré and Julie-Blanche Vandenbroucque, KUMPA'NIA draws on the traditions of a variety of percussive ensembles (including Brazilian batucadas, brass bands, drum corps, etc.) to offer a completely new and exciting mix of danceable percussive performances. Since 2020, KUMPA'NIA has been managed by Léo Guiollot et Dana Loftus.


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