Jade morin / LOS COLGADOS



Bachelor in Arts and Drama , with a specialty in movement and mime, from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona .To complete his formation , he also took part in many masterclasses and workshops in physical theatre, dance, Butoh theatre, and various circus disciplines.

Until last year , and that for the past 18 years, he worked for the renown physical company TRICICLE’s B company, Clownic, with various original Tricicle shows;

He worked until recently on the stages of GOP AND PALAZZO variete-theatre in Germany, and also the famous LIO in Ibiza.

During his carrer, he collaborated with different companies and                               also formed his own , always oriented towards physical comedy theatre .He also directed numerous shows and collaborated with other companies as a movement consultant.



Born in Chicoutimi and and raised in Montreal’s backstreets, Jade attended the National Circus of Montreal , after having spent her teenage years between gymnastics and classical music; a contortionist bassoon player she was.

Since then, she’s been travelling the world always in search of new and unusual adventures.

Either having her feet on the planks of an Opera stage or the concrete of a street show, traveling with a traditional circus in a caravan, or in a Jeep through the African desert, sailing on a cruise ship or on a theatre-sailboat, performing in a musical , a cabaret or a contemporary circus, her goal is to explore character work moving through the air, and to share her experience with the audience with love and humour.

She worked, amongst many other projects, for Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize in Quebec, Circus El Grito and Sidekunst circus in Italy and GOP vaiete-theatre in Germany. She founded the Cacophonic Pictures Orkestar in Spain and Zarawato circus in Mexico.

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Together they are Los Colgados “The Hung Ups”
The duo’s work has been from the start to create different acts that combine aerial acrobatics and comedy.
The company explored different formats: circus act, varietes short and long pieces, street show, and theatre show.

After working on the same project in Mallorca as independent performers in 2016, they joined forces and created a duo for rope and ukulele that they presented in Mexico at the international festival of Oaxaca and Mazunte. In 2017.

In 2018 they initiated a 2 years tour in Germany , with GOP varíete-theatre as part of the show Bang Bang, performing the first version of the “Rack” as well as the “flying jacket”.

In 2020 they worked on a 20 minutes theatre show that they showed in various civic centers in Barcelona.

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This show was presented at the St-John’s international festival in Canada in 2021

During summer 2022, the duo toured in Canada with a 30 minutes street show, adapting their previous work.
They participated to Montreal’s Circus Festival (MCC), La TOHU outdoors shows, and cabaret DADA among other events.

Season 2023 street summer tour starts in Belgium in April, and many suprises to come both in Europe and Quebec