David Fiset

David is a multidisciplinary circus performer who specializes in balancing objects, juggling and unicycling. With his clowning and acrobatic abilities, he brings excitement and laughter no matter the occasion.

Although originally self-trained, David has studied with various coaches and masters, including René Bazinet, Soizick Hébert, Francine Côté, and James Keylon. Self-employed since 2000, he is a motivated and self-sufficient worker, while still striving to collaborate with like-minded people, groups and companies. He is constantly working to refine and adapt his skills for various festivals, as well as corporate and family events. As a circus performer, a show host and/or a master of ceremonies, he has gotten involved with numerous social organizations on an international scale, for humanitarian purposes. David has literally travelled around the world to share his various skills and the gift of laughter.